Hazelnut Meringue Gateau

Hazelnut Meringue Gateau

Serves 8

Pre-heat oven to 150°C. Marinate the drained cherries in cherry brandy liqueur, preferably overnight.

Prepare three baking trays with parchment and mark a 26cm circle in each tray.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff and add a tablespoon of sugar and keep whisking. Repeat this, having added the cinnamon to the sugar.

When completed, fold in the hazelnuts and spread the mixture equally over the three trays and then bake for 1ΒΌ hours until firm.

To assemble mix the 200g of melted chocolate into the whipped cream and spread over 2 discs of meringue. Drain the cherries of the liqueur and scatter them over the chocolate cream.

Place one meringue disc on the other, top with the third, and decorate with the remaining melted chocolate.

The gateau can be put together quite a few hours in advance.

This dessert is a good choice for those who need a gluten-free diet.

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