Rye Bay Scallops

Rye Bay Scallops with Pea and Mint Puree

Serves 4

Rye scallop festival is held in the month of February and, with this in mind, I hope you will enjoy this delicious and easy starter.

Remove the mint leaves from their stalks and put the leaves in a pan of boiling water, allowing them to infuse. Add the peas & bring to the boil. Strain, keeping some of the liquid. Whizz the peas & mint leaves in a blender, adding a tablespoon of water, or more if needed, until the mixture is smooth. Add the cream & season to taste. You can make the pea puree up to this stage & reheat it in a saucepan just before serving.

Fry the pancetta in a saucepan until crisp & drain on kitchen paper, keeping the pancetta warm. Season the scallops with salt & pepper and using the frying pan & the fat from the pancetta, cook the scallops for a minute on each side, or until golden & just firm.

To serve, spoon a couple of dessert spoons of pea & mint puree onto the centre of the plate, place three scallops on each plate & scatter the pancetta over the scallops.

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